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My work follows a simple premise and that is to share by my art the beauty and joy I find in life.   I am an avid cook, I love the kitchen, and if the kitchen aid has a new gadget, I have to have it.  I am an avid gardener, I love the bouncy peonies, their saucy colours, and of course the roses, fragrances in the night garden that would make ones senses dance with delight, and then finally, the landscapes, rural or northern or in the case of Cinnamon Persuasion, the water, my God, the turquoise water, the air damp and warm with the fragrances of the Atlantic mixed with those of the Caribbean. 


What I am trying to say is that my subject is varied, my reason for wanting to share is always the same.  You don't need me to grind you with the grist purveyed in newspapers or on TV but we all need to be reminded of the beauty and the calm of life.  A place where we can walk in, shut the door, even for just brief  moments and to wrap ourselves in calm, joy and beauty.  If my work provides that for you, I have succeeded. 


More of my work and what is available in print and reproductions can be found on my website

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