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Ape Action Africa works on the front-line of great ape protection. Their goals are to address the immediate threats faced by gorillas and chimps in Africa, and to work with communities to develop long-term solutions to ensure their survival in the wild. Ape Action Africa rescues orphaned and injured gorillas and chimpanzees, some only days old, hours from death.


Photographs by Ian Bickerstaff.  Ian lives in Australia and volunteers with the project in Cameroon as often as possible.  These photos are from several visits to the sanctuary between 2007 and 2012. 

If you wish to donate directly to APE ACTION AFRICA, please go directly to their website


Compassion Wall

Our Compassion Wall represents our dedication in supporting ethical Non-Profit organizations which work to improve life on our planet.  A portion of the sale of the art work will be donated to the perspective organization.  We look forward to providing you an opportunity to participate in our vision of a better world. 


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