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I love nature and all the wild, untamed secrets it holds and I am passionate for creating art that brings the joy of nature back into modern lives.  Whether you believe in fairies or not, devoting even a small space to the wonder of nature can bring peace and happiness to your home.

Although I grew up in urban Scarborough, Toronto(where I currently reside), I was lucky enough to spend my summers outdoors in beautiful Newfoundland with my family, or up in Northern Ontario's majestic wilderness.  I completed my

Bachelor Of Fine Arts with Honors Degree in 2012 at York University.

On my ramblings in nature I collect all sorts of beautiful tokens from the earth, like driftwood, sticks, stones, shells, seeds, pinecones and anything else I might be lucky enough to find.  I also love breathing new life into forgotten vintage treasures by including the in my art, so it was natural that my love of the wilderness should be united with them in my work.  These stunning fairy creations are finely crafted pieces of art that delve into my heart and bring the joy and wonder of nature  into your home and hopefully bring a little magic (and maybe some fairies)

into your life too!

For more information please email Andrea at  

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