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We are proud to introduce The Northern Arts Initiative
Framing Dames Gallery has partnered with the Weeneebayko Area Health Authority Community Mental Health and Addiction Program to bring much needed art supplies to the Kashechewan First Nation, a community located along James Bay in Northern Ontario. Donations are much appreciated!

Kashechewan First Nation is a Cree community located near James Bay on the northern shore of the Albany River; it is a member of the Mushkegowuk Council, a regional governing organization, along with seven other First Nation communities in northeastern Ontario.  Kashechewan is a remote, fly-in community.  It is accessible by plane all year round; however, a winter road provides a few months worth of an alternate route in and out to surrounding communities including Moosonee to the south.  The community has approximately 2000 residents and a large number of them are young people, children and youth.


Kashechewan's people have faced many crises, including the legacy of residential school and the sixties scoop, a suicide crisis in 2007, evacuation due to flooding from 2012 to 2015, and an outbreak of skin rashes in 2016. Despite all of the challenges the community faces Kashechewan's residents are kind, passionate and resilient people. 


To support holistic health and healing for those living in Kashechewan, Weeneebayko Area Health Authority's Community Mental Health and Addiction Program will be offering art workshops and activities.  This is a pilot initiative that we hope will turn into a permanent, sustainable program in the community. At this point we are looking for much-needed supplies; your kindness in getting this initiative off the ground will be greatly appreciated.

"On behalf of myself and the community members I work with thank you so much for this support! 
It is going to make a huge difference."
Christine Head
Mental Health Worker
Weeneebayko Area Health Authority


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