Summer Art Camp 2020

In response to Covid 19, our Art Camp has had to evolve.  To ensure the health and safety of the children and instructor we have decided to reduce the times of the Workshops to Half Day from 10am to 12pm throughout the Summer to ensure proper sanitization and social distancing.    Ages 7 to 14 and we will only be taking 5 campers per week.

The Summer Art Camp is an exciting exploration of a number of media from painting both watercolours and acrylic, mixed media, 3-D construction and so much more.   This is an exciting Series of Workshops as we explore the effects of the Pandemic and isolation, and helping children to express the way they are feeling.  I am really excited about this, and look forward to the art that is going to be created.

 Each Workshop costs $170.00 and includes materials.  All Campers to bring mask, water, snack, and are encouraged to take pictures of their work throughout the creation of it, social distancing will be maintained throughout the workshop.  

To register email me at, or call 416 287 2025 and tell me the week you wish.

Weeks starting July 13 throughout the summer.



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